The Horse & Cart Inn

Our homemade pizzas  are freshly baked in our very own kitchen. You will be able to personalise your own pizzas with a range of toppings available. We serve pizzas Monday-Friday 6-9. - Saturday 12-3 - 6-9.

As well as being served in the pub itself, our pizzas are also available for takeaway collection. Simply give us a call or order at the bar, and your pizzas will be done in 15-20 mins. (Around busy hours it might take longer)

Pizza Menu

Garlic Pizza Bread £5 (With Cheese £6)


Margherita £8

BBQ Chicken Pizza £9

Prawn Pizza £10

Meat Calzone £11

Vegetable Pizza £9

Style your own Pizza with any of the following toppings (up to 4) £1 per topping

Mushrooms            Peppers               Onions                  Pepperoni

Prosciutto             Anchovies           Olives            Rocket